Sunday, December 20, 2015


Terror Watch. Exposing The 5th Column Of Terrorist Sympathizers

There are a lot of Jihadi sympathizing accounts belonging to people living in the west. Send me the links to these profiles (and pics as well in case they get removed) and I will do my best to list them here. (send links to

It is also advised that you anonymously send the account details to the government here - (or where appropriate in your country).

Let's start with today's lucky winner, A man going by the name 'Naz Islam', living in London []. His banner picture is the ISIS flag and the phrase "Baqiya Family". According to those in the know, the Baqiya Family is a global Islamic terror network using social media as their method of communication;

Dr Amarasingam is researching the radicalisation of Muslim youths, contacting them in order to discover what motivates them to act as a propaganda "megaphone" for jihadists in Syria or elsewhere. 
"Centred on Twitter and Facebook, they call themselves the Baqiya family," Dr Amarasingam said. "They consider themselves to be this close-knit community online … Twitter is the epicentre. You can be in direct communication with a fighter in Syria within about 15 seconds. That's part of the appeal, a lot of these youths feel like they're part of something, for the first time they're part of something greater than themselves." 
It is hard to say how large the Baqiya family is, but one estimate gave them 40,000 members, and growing. The vast majority are aged 20-28, but quite a few are 18 or younger, male and female.
Here is a picture of this terrorist sympathiser and a list of his facebook friends. Many of them seem to be open ISIS supporters (all pictures from the friends list are in the public domain and visible to anyone. I do not suggest or imply that any of the people in the list are terrorists or have committed any crime whatsoever. The same applies to Naz Islam)